Satisfaction for now…

It’s been so long since we were able to go to a flea market. Winter in New England is TERRIBLE for Flea Marketeering and Yard Saleing opportunities. From October through April we are stuck with a scant few indoor markets and whatever auction opportunities arise. Well, that, and the uncertainty of craigslist. But trust me […]

Your Mind is My Mind

There is more information and trivia regarding weapons and accessories for the boys toys of the last 50 years in my head than the average person. But sometimes I too need help to get through a project. I had a plastic bag full of what I thought were mostly Transformers accessories but I really don’t […]

HtfBlog Weekend in Review

On Saturday, Kate and I decided to see what upstate New York had to offer us. While it didn’t offer much, it was at least a nice day for a drive. We found a place called The Great Northern Flea Market. We were excited to find ANYTHING in this area, but this was actually a […]