How about a nice cup of [REDACTED]?

Recently I posted a batch of 32 vintage G.I.Joe action figures on ebay. It was a 3-day listing starting Thursday night running through Sunday night (the 3 days are consecutive). I started the auction at $74.99 + shipping which breaks down to just over $2.00 per figure (not including the cost of shipping). One might […]

Hasbro Customer Service Part 2: Couptopia

And then the day finally came when I got an envelope in the mail (the kind the mailman delivers). It was from Hasbro and inside… a letter from Customer Service and a coupon attached. (My inner monologue in blue): “Dear Mr. Daniel Larson, Call me Dan. My FATHER is Mr. Daniel Larson Thank you for […]

Hasbro Customer Service Part 1 – Chatroulette

Back in March I purchased a Marvel Legends Infinite Series Captain America figure. This is the version with his S.H.I.E.L.D. S.T.R.I.K.E. team (yes, they are both really long acronyms) uniform as seen in the first half of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Everything was going fine until I noticed that this particular Cap figure has a […]

Satisfaction for now…

It’s been so long since we were able to go to a flea market. Winter in New England is TERRIBLE for Flea Marketeering and Yard Saleing opportunities. From October through April we are stuck with a scant few indoor markets and whatever auction opportunities arise. Well, that, and the uncertainty of craigslist. But trust me […]

Collecting in a Selling Business

HtF’s business model is built on the idea that Kate and I as collectors have honed our product knowledge to the point where we can exploit the nuances of the details to make a profit when buying and selling toys and collectibles. We know what our consistent overhead costs are to run our business (boxes, […]

Home is Where you Hang Your Boba Fett

There’s an old saying that goes: “Home is where you keep your Boba Fett collection” and in the last year, Kate and I have learned how true parts of that saying are. As many of you are aware, your friends here at HtF spent the last calendar year in the remote, upstate New York city […]

Opening Weekend Recap

This past weekend kicked off Flea Market Season in New Hampshire (where we’re from). I’m sure you read about it on all the cool websites. On Saturday we started things off by going BIG and scheduling an HtF hat trick. Since this is the first time that we have used that term let’s go ahead […]

Looking Back

HtF recently hit the 990 feedback mark on ebay. 10 more feedbacks and we turn the millenium. That’s like a crap-ton of listings and it’s got me thinking about the first items I ever listed on ebay. By now you MAY have picked up on the fact that I was a Star Wars fan (a […]

The Chain of Ownership

Hey, before I forget, make sure you go to our Facebook page. I guarantee if you “Like” it, you’ll like it! Kate and I have been buying and selling items on ebay and craigslist for several years. We have encountered a variety of characters ranging from “normal” to “crazy scary.” It’s one of the reasons […]

A Boat so Awesome They Gave it an Extra “g”

After all the talk of Barbie’s Dream House I figured it was time to establish what a G.I.Joe USS Flagg (the boy version of the Barbie Dream House) goes for. I occaisionally see them on craigslist and people always go to ebay to see what they highest price is and decide that that must be what theirs […]