HtFBlog Presents…. Toy Galaxy

Starting today HtFblog is making the leap from text to video on all your screens. In the same tone of the articles here on the blog, our new Youtube Channel “Toy Galaxy” will feature bite-sized segments about toys, their history and various toys that we love and REALLY love. The first segment (and likely the first […]

A funny story that is also COMPLETELY TRUE

I was scrolling through Instagram and one of the people I follow had a collage of various vintage Star Wars figures that he was looking to buy or trade for. Based on the description of what he needed off those figures (2 arms off this guy, a head off that guy, this guy’s torso and […]

The Continuing Saga of 2 Boba Fett Enthusiasts

Last September, HtF introduced you to an ebay listing featuring 36 vintage Slave 1 vehicles and 36 vintage Boba Fett figures. At that time, The Boba Sett (my personal collection of vintage Boba Fett action figures) was at 35. We followed up by reporting in March of this year that the number of Slave 1’s […]