36 is now *44*

Last September HtF brought this ebay listing for 36 Vintage Star Wars Slave 1 vehicles and Boba Fett figures to your attention. The listing states that the auction was ended early because “the item is no longer available.” USUALLY that means that the seller either took an offer that someone made outside of ebay or… […]

$1.99? I’ll take 10 thank you.

Ugh, can you believe in 1979 Star Wars action figures were sold for $1.99? Even if you account for inflation, that’s only $6.41 in 2013 money. The modern equivalent of this line would have to be the newly released Mission Series of figures and next years Saga Legends. 5 points of articulation just like the […]

A Bigger Boba Fett Enthusiast… For Now

Alright, maybe this guy (and whoever wins the auction) has me beat when it comes to being a vintage Star Wars Boba Fett enthusiast. He has *1* more Boba Fett figure than me… but 36 more Slave 1’s. Who does that? 36 Slave 1′ s and 36 Boba Fetts

The Origin of The Boba Sett Part 2

When considering HOW to rank action figures, Boba Fett met and exceeded all of my non-scientific criteria: #1. Does this figure look cool? Yes. He has a rocket firing (not LITERALLY unfortunately) jet pack. He has wrist-launched rockets and flame throwers (not LITERALLY unfortunately). He has a cool looking helmet and body armor. He’s blue! […]

The Origin of The Boba Sett Part 1

A few years ago on my other blog circlecomics.com I put together a list of my Top 10 Comic Book Covers. This was revealing in terms of the breakdown with respect to the low number of artists that were involved (Zeck, Silvestri, Golden, Romita, Jr.) as well as the very low number of characters (Spider-Man, […]

Opening Weekend Recap

This past weekend kicked off Flea Market Season in New Hampshire (where we’re from). I’m sure you read about it on all the cool websites. On Saturday we started things off by going BIG and scheduling an HtF hat trick. Since this is the first time that we have used that term let’s go ahead […]

Looking Back

HtF recently hit the 990 feedback mark on ebay. 10 more feedbacks and we turn the millenium. That’s like a crap-ton of listings and it’s got me thinking about the first items I ever listed on ebay. By now you MAY have picked up on the fact that I was a Star Wars fan (a […]

The Chain of Ownership

Hey, before I forget, make sure you go to our Facebook page. I guarantee if you “Like” it, you’ll like it! Kate and I have been buying and selling items on ebay and craigslist for several years. We have encountered a variety of characters ranging from “normal” to “crazy scary.” It’s one of the reasons […]