No Substitute for Your Eyeballs is our friend. It allows us to scour hundreds (probably thousands) of auction listings around the country looking for the kinds of items we want to purchase (or attempt to purchase). Using we can search based on geography or specific search terms. We can find auctions to attend in person, bid over-the-phone or […]

Your Mind is My Mind

There is more information and trivia regarding weapons and accessories for the boys toys of the last 50 years in my head than the average person. But sometimes I too need help to get through a project. I had a plastic bag full of what I thought were mostly Transformers accessories but I really don’t […]

Feedback system broken. ebay refuses to replace or refund. Not CQQL!!!!!

As a long time ebay seller, HtF has found that the most frustrating part of being a seller on ebay (after the motivation-crushing fees) is the subjectivity of the feedback system which is designed to protect the buyers over the sellers. It’s frustrating because new buyers don’t directly pay ebay. They pay the sellers who […]

12 Things We Learned Over Christmas

Now that Christmas (and the gift giving season in general) has passed us by HtF can take a few minutes to reflect on what was our first Christmas season as a full-time toys and collectibles reseller and… blogger. No really, we blog. For instance here’s a list of the 12 things we learned over Christmas […]

Craigslist Pet Peeves Part 1 of 1 Million

Kate and I look at craigslist A LOT. We have bought and sold all kinds of items from cars and trucks to toys and collectibles. We find the majority of our yard sale listings and several of our flea market and auction listings this way. It is a very effective service when properly utilized. Help […]