HtFBlog Reformatted

We’re changing the format of this blog. The last time I posted was in June which sucks because I want to post far more often than that but I have this really bad habit of starting to write a very short piece, you know, like an observation about something we saw at the flea market […]

Last Weekend Recap

Little late on the weekend recap, but we’ve been late so many time that you (like us) probably don’t even realize this is a weekly thing. HtF accomplished a feat that we have never attempted before, heck, we didn’t even attempt it this time… it just happened. It’s not unusual for us to hit 2 […]

Flea Markets are Back!

Guys… Flea Markets are back and we couldn’t be more excited. After a long, cold, boring winter we can’t wait to get back out there to all of our favorite places and start digging for EVERYTHING. This past weekend we were able to hit a few of our regular places and reacquaint ourselves with some […]