How about a nice cup of [REDACTED]?

Recently I posted a batch of 32 vintage G.I.Joe action figures on ebay. It was a 3-day listing starting Thursday night running through Sunday night (the 3 days are consecutive). I started the auction at $74.99 + shipping which breaks down to just over $2.00 per figure (not including the cost of shipping). One might […]

At Least the Listing is Honest

***SPOILER ALERT***   If you have not seen the Marvel Studios film “Guardians of the Galaxy” and don’t want anything spoiled, proceed no further.   If you have (or don’t care)… read on. First, check out this ebay listing: Groot Plotted Plant – Guardians of the Galaxy- Baby Groot in Pot – Dancing Groot Absurd. This seller […]

The Continuing Saga of 2 Boba Fett Enthusiasts

Last September, HtF introduced you to an ebay listing featuring 36 vintage Slave 1 vehicles and 36 vintage Boba Fett figures. At that time, The Boba Sett (my personal collection of vintage Boba Fett action figures) was at 35. We followed up by reporting in March of this year that the number of Slave 1’s […]

36 is now *44*

Last September HtF brought this ebay listing for 36 Vintage Star Wars Slave 1 vehicles and Boba Fett figures to your attention. The listing states that the auction was ended early because “the item is no longer available.” USUALLY that means that the seller either took an offer that someone made outside of ebay or… […]

A Bigger Boba Fett Enthusiast… For Now

Alright, maybe this guy (and whoever wins the auction) has me beat when it comes to being a vintage Star Wars Boba Fett enthusiast. He has *1* more Boba Fett figure than me… but 36 more Slave 1’s. Who does that? 36 Slave 1′ s and 36 Boba Fetts

Feedback system broken. ebay refuses to replace or refund. Not CQQL!!!!!

As a long time ebay seller, HtF has found that the most frustrating part of being a seller on ebay (after the motivation-crushing fees) is the subjectivity of the feedback system which is designed to protect the buyers over the sellers. It’s frustrating because new buyers don’t directly pay ebay. They pay the sellers who […]

12 Things We Learned Over Christmas

Now that Christmas (and the gift giving season in general) has passed us by HtF can take a few minutes to reflect on what was our first Christmas season as a full-time toys and collectibles reseller and… blogger. No really, we blog. For instance here’s a list of the 12 things we learned over Christmas […]

Looking Back

HtF recently hit the 990 feedback mark on ebay. 10 more feedbacks and we turn the millenium. That’s like a crap-ton of listings and it’s got me thinking about the first items I ever listed on ebay. By now you MAY have picked up on the fact that I was a Star Wars fan (a […]

The Chain of Ownership

Hey, before I forget, make sure you go to our Facebook page. I guarantee if you “Like” it, you’ll like it! Kate and I have been buying and selling items on ebay and craigslist for several years. We have encountered a variety of characters ranging from “normal” to “crazy scary.” It’s one of the reasons […]

Back in the e-Biz

We’re back in the ebay business! 23 listings went live last night at 10PM EST. They’re all 3-day listings (usually we do 5 days). Why 3-day listings? You have to consider when your listing is going to end. If you start it at 3 in the afternoon, it’s going to end at 3 in the […]