Tales of Craigslist!

Most of our interactions on Craigslist are the same; Pretty mundane in fact. Craigslister posts an ad, Kate or I reach out to them with something like: “Hello, is this [child’s toy] still available? If so, I’m very interested in setting up a time to meet with you. Thanks! [name/phone #]” I’m just throwing out […]

They’re Not ALL Morlocks

Last Saturday, Kate and I went to look at a “Huge Star Wars Collection” (don’t worry, it was Prequels and Clone Wars not vintage. Also it wasn’t huge). The craigslister had described the lot as being in “perfect” condition even though the photos suggested that it was being kept in garbage bags and was unceremoniously […]

The Day Craigslist Won

You win craigslisters, you win. I spend a lot of my words here at htfblog dishing it out to craigslist and the people and Morlocks who sell their collectibles there. As a business and collector I do what I can to exploit their desire to sell in order to benefit my desire to buy. Every […]

The Chain of Ownership

Hey, before I forget, make sure you go to our Facebook page. I guarantee if you “Like” it, you’ll like it! Kate and I have been buying and selling items on ebay and craigslist for several years. We have encountered a variety of characters ranging from “normal” to “crazy scary.” It’s one of the reasons […]

Craigslist Pet Peeves Part 1 of 1 Million

Kate and I look at craigslist A LOT. We have bought and sold all kinds of items from cars and trucks to toys and collectibles. We find the majority of our yard sale listings and several of our flea market and auction listings this way. It is a very effective service when properly utilized. Help […]