The Origin of The Boba Sett Part 2

When considering HOW to rank action figures, Boba Fett met and exceeded all of my non-scientific criteria: #1. Does this figure look cool? Yes. He has a rocket firing (not LITERALLY unfortunately) jet pack. He has wrist-launched rockets and flame throwers (not LITERALLY unfortunately). He has a cool looking helmet and body armor. He’s blue! […]

The Origin of The Boba Sett Part 1

A few years ago on my other blog I put together a list of my Top 10 Comic Book Covers. This was revealing in terms of the breakdown with respect to the low number of artists that were involved (Zeck, Silvestri, Golden, Romita, Jr.) as well as the very low number of characters (Spider-Man, […]

Collecting in a Selling Business

HtF’s business model is built on the idea that Kate and I as collectors have honed our product knowledge to the point where we can exploit the nuances of the details to make a profit when buying and selling toys and collectibles. We know what our consistent overhead costs are to run our business (boxes, […]