No Substitute for Your Eyeballs is our friend. It allows us to scour hundreds (probably thousands) of auction listings around the country looking for the kinds of items we want to purchase (or attempt to purchase). Using we can search based on geography or specific search terms. We can find auctions to attend in person, bid over-the-phone or […]

Feedback system broken. ebay refuses to replace or refund. Not CQQL!!!!!

As a long time ebay seller, HtF has found that the most frustrating part of being a seller on ebay (after the motivation-crushing fees) is the subjectivity of the feedback system which is designed to protect the buyers over the sellers. It’s frustrating because new buyers don’t directly pay ebay. They pay the sellers who […]

Home is Where you Hang Your Boba Fett

There’s an old saying that goes: “Home is where you keep your Boba Fett collection” and in the last year, Kate and I have learned how true parts of that saying are. As many of you are aware, your friends here at HtF spent the last calendar year in the remote, upstate New York city […]

Opening Weekend Recap

This past weekend kicked off Flea Market Season in New Hampshire (where we’re from). I’m sure you read about it on all the cool websites. On Saturday we started things off by going BIG and scheduling an HtF hat trick. Since this is the first time that we have used that term let’s go ahead […]

Back in the e-Biz

We’re back in the ebay business! 23 listings went live last night at 10PM EST. They’re all 3-day listings (usually we do 5 days). Why 3-day listings? You have to consider when your listing is going to end. If you start it at 3 in the afternoon, it’s going to end at 3 in the […]

Auction Showdown!

What’s the difference between Manchester, NH and Watertown, NY auctions? In Manchester, you can bid on cows. In Watertown, you can’t bid on anything BUT cows. But seriously, there’s nothing at the auctions in Watertown, NY but pre-processed beef. Kate and I have made a concerted effort to diversify our knowledge base to make sure […]