I Feel Like I’m Taking Crazy Pills

At HtF we don’t usually write about what we pay for our finds, but sometimes we feel obligated to write about what we DON’T pay (remember Blue Snaggletooth?).If the amount is crazy enough, we just have to pass it along, especially in a case like this where we know that someone actually DID pay that much.

Last Thursday we attended an auction in Worcester, MA (don’t go there if you don’t have to. Massachusetts I mean) which was supposed to have a selection of “toys, Star Wars playsets and figures, vintage Barbie accessories and lunchboxes”. What they ACTUALLY had was some dirty Tammy dolls and a vintage vinyl Barbie case (which sold for $45 more than we would have paid), some NRFB Star Wars Micro Machines (which sold for waaaaaaay more than we would have paid) and some nasty, rusty Holly Hobby lunchboxes with no Thermos or HANDLE in some cases.

We didn’t stay long enough to see how much THOSE went for. In fact we left just after the Darth Vader case with the “37” figures sold. “37” is in quotations because 4 of the figures were missing heads or limbs (I thought IG-88 looked short). As far as we were concerned they were damaged to the point of being unsellable (unplayable really). There WAS a Boba Fett and we would have paid as much $35 for the whole case of figures (including the case) because there were no accessories and again, condition was pretty poor. Even counting Boba Fett as $10 (because he would be added to the Boba Sett) that’s $25 for the rest of the 32 sellable figures AND the case. For us, there’s no justifying any price higher than that.

There's a Vader case, so you know it's worth at least $8,000

There’s a Vader case, so you know it’s worth at least $8,000

Luckily for that Worcester auction house, not everyone in attendance agreed. That beat up Vader case with no accessories, 32 usable figures and 4 broken figures sold for *$175.00*. What?! Yup. I guess we know where we’re selling our beat-up, nasty Star Wars figures from now on.

I have no rational explanation for this other than TV is driving the crazy on this. Shows like Storage Wars and Toy Hunter are skewing the perceived market value of these things and buyers that don’t do their research are the ones that are going to get screwed. For $175 I could literally go on ebay and get all of those figures in better condition WITH their accessories. At HtF we have so many Vader cases we’re thinking about handing them out to kids this Halloween.

You tell ME what this is worth

You tell ME what this is worth

I can’t wrap my head around that price. If they are a collector there’s NO WAY they would pay that much. If they are a re-seller then they have to be able to get more than $6 per figure to make a profit. Even if they, like everyone else, thinks that Vader case is worth $20, it still means they paid nearly $5 per sellable figure. IT MAKES NO SENSE.

And THIS GUY won’t stop posting these figures on the NH Craigslist. Kate tried to buy them last Christmas for $15 because she wanted to get the Fett for the Sett. I offered him $10 back in February, he declined saying he’s had “several” offers of $40 but that “none of those people have shown up”. $40? “Several offers?” Hope you like those figures, because you’re going to have them for a long time.