All Things Boba Fett

ANY exposure to HtF will tell you that we’re big fans of Boba Fett. More specifically, big fans of the vintage 3 3/4″ Kenner action figure. Kate and I started collecting them several years ago as a way to archive our experiences meeting people, buying collections, going to flea markets and antique shops and all the […]

Toy Galaxy: Subscribe today… or regret it later today.

Toy Galaxy has been going strong for nearly 6 months and in that time we’ve reviewed a lot of figures. If you’re a fan of Transformers, Star Wars, GI Joe, Marvel or just action figures in general then make sure you head over to the channel and subscribe today.

HtFBlog Presents…. Toy Galaxy

Starting today HtFblog is making the leap from text to video on all your screens. In the same tone of the articles here on the blog, our new Youtube Channel “Toy Galaxy” will feature bite-sized segments about toys, their history and various toys that we love and REALLY love. The first segment (and likely the first […]

TOY SHOW! (at a comic book show).

This Sunday HtF will be setting up at the Halfway-to-Granitecon Comic Show at the Holiday Inn in Concord, NH from 10:00AM to 3:00PM. We’re stocked with all kinds of vintage toys loose, complete, boxed, carded… all varieties for all tastes. Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, He-Man, TMNT, Thundercats, Voltron, M.A.S.K., Centurions, Mega Force, Batman, Marvel […]

How about a nice cup of [REDACTED]?

Recently I posted a batch of 32 vintage G.I.Joe action figures on ebay. It was a 3-day listing starting Thursday night running through Sunday night (the 3 days are consecutive). I started the auction at $74.99 + shipping which breaks down to just over $2.00 per figure (not including the cost of shipping). One might […]

At Least the Listing is Honest

***SPOILER ALERT***   If you have not seen the Marvel Studios film “Guardians of the Galaxy” and don’t want anything spoiled, proceed no further.   If you have (or don’t care)… read on. First, check out this ebay listing: Groot Plotted Plant – Guardians of the Galaxy- Baby Groot in Pot – Dancing Groot Absurd. This seller […]

The Continuing Saga of 2 Boba Fett Enthusiasts

Last September, HtF introduced you to an ebay listing featuring 36 vintage Slave 1 vehicles and 36 vintage Boba Fett figures. At that time, The Boba Sett (my personal collection of vintage Boba Fett action figures) was at 35. We followed up by reporting in March of this year that the number of Slave 1’s […]

Hasbro Customer Service Part 2: Couptopia

And then the day finally came when I got an envelope in the mail (the kind the mailman delivers). It was from Hasbro and inside… a letter from Customer Service and a coupon attached. (My inner monologue in blue): “Dear Mr. Daniel Larson, Call me Dan. My FATHER is Mr. Daniel Larson Thank you for […]

Hasbro Customer Service Part 1 – Chatroulette

Back in March I purchased a Marvel Legends Infinite Series Captain America figure. This is the version with his S.H.I.E.L.D. S.T.R.I.K.E. team (yes, they are both really long acronyms) uniform as seen in the first half of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Everything was going fine until I noticed that this particular Cap figure has a […]

36 is now *44*

Last September HtF brought this ebay listing for 36 Vintage Star Wars Slave 1 vehicles and Boba Fett figures to your attention. The listing states that the auction was ended early because “the item is no longer available.” USUALLY that means that the seller either took an offer that someone made outside of ebay or… […]