At Least the Listing is Honest



If you have not seen the Marvel Studios film “Guardians of the Galaxy” and don’t want anything spoiled, proceed no further.


If you have (or don’t care)… read on.

First, check out this ebay listing: Groot Plotted Plant – Guardians of the Galaxy- Baby Groot in Pot – Dancing Groot

Absurd. This seller just took a Funko Groot figure (MSRP $9.99) and LITERALLY just put it in a pot with some soil (although that might be potpourri). I’m guessing you can pick a comparable pot up at your local big-box chain store for around $.49 and, I don’t know, dirt is free in most places. His asking price is $47.00 (+ an additional $23.00 in shipping charges for me on the east coast) and it says he has sold *2* OF THE *3* THAT HE MADE!! (I’m shocked that he was as transparent as he was in his description of the item, although I would consider this “new” or “unused”).


Please don’t encourage this kind of behavior. This is the kind of thing that made potato salad into a $55,000 kickstarter

UPDATE: Looks like the item was ended early by the seller because “the item is no longer available.” I’m guessing that someone flagged him for listing it as “new” but it still looks like he sold 2 of them. Perhaps people complained once they received the item and realized they had just been duped.