A funny story that is also COMPLETELY TRUE


I was scrolling through Instagram and one of the people I follow had a collage of various vintage Star Wars figures that he was looking to buy or trade for. Based on the description of what he needed off those figures (2 arms off this guy, a head off that guy, this guy’s torso and legs etc.) it occurred to me that he might be trying to make a custom figure that I had seen before… but whose name I could not remember and I had completely forgotten even existed until that moment.

I racked my brain until I remembered that I don’t have to actually remember these kinds of trivial things anymore as long as the internet access is active. I pulled out my phone, opened Google and typed in the keywords that I could think of that would be related to the figure I was trying to remember.

See there’s this thing that the corporate toy makers do where they try to get more life out of existing molds by mixing and matching parts until they come up with a new character. Someone puts together this “kitbash”, they paint it up and marketing gives it the thumbs up or thumbs down and they print money. An obvious example of this would be the original Masters of the Universe line where there are only like 4 different body molds used to make 150 different characters. Sometimes it’s the same body AND head (Merman/Stinkor, Moss Man/Beastman, He-Man/Faker). That was kitbashing that was designed into the business model of the line itself. The original concept for Boba Fett was, in fact, just a C-3P0 body, Stormtrooper arms, Death Squad Commander legs and a bunch of putty.

This particular kitbash had actually been included in some of the marketing materials for the Star Wars line further into its run and it had actually been given a name! BUT I COULDN’T REMEMBER HIS NAME. So I plugged in the keywords that I could think of that would be related to it.


Why BEEF? Well, now that I found the information about the figure I was looking for I remember that the character was named “Mongo Beefhead.” Who cares right? Well that’s not why I’m telling the story and that’s not why this story is funny.

It’s funny because if you search for “VINTAGE STAR WARS BEEF FIGURE” and scroll down the page… the fifth web result is this very website: htfblog.com! And if you toggle over to images you will find that the FIRST result (an several others) is from an article on this very website… htfblog.com!