36 is now *44*

Did Boba Fett offer FREE shipping to Jabba the Hutt?

Did Boba Fett offer FREE shipping to Jabba the Hutt?

Last September HtF brought this ebay listing for 36 Vintage Star Wars Slave 1 vehicles and Boba Fett figures to your attention. The listing states that the auction was ended early because “the item is no longer available.” USUALLY that means that the seller either took an offer that someone made outside of ebay or… they decided to keep it. In THIS case, it looks like the seller not only decided to keep it, but has ADDED to the collection. What was 36 Slave 1 ships and 36 Boba Fett figures is now *44* of each. And it only costs $700 more!

Star Wars Vintage Slave 1 Ships Boba Fett Vintage Figures 44 44 Lot KENNER1980   eBay

But… there’s less than 44 in those photos.

Don’t miss this very rare second chance to be the owner of the single largest Slave 1/Fett figure collection!

Also I would like to state that the last time the seller listed this collection he had *1* more Fett figure than me. As of this writing, I currently have him beat by 4. In your face no.1stewie!

They're worth a lot to me.

The Boba Sett stands at 48.